Facebook Campaign Landing Page to Get Best from Social Media Marketing


Facebook Campaign Landing Page to Get Best from Social Media Marketing

Facebook is a free global online platform but high number of usage requires Facebook to appoint paid employees, set up server infrastructure and pay for bandwidth. Maintaining all this is not a joke and Facebook manages it by offering people to advertise on Facebook by paying charges.

What is Facebook Campaign Landing Page?

Advertisers can create and display advertisements and pay for the ads that appear to Facebook users. High number of users make Facebook a good place to advertise and thus making it one of the most used ad mediums. Creating Facebook campaign landing pages properly and for maximum utility is Facebook campaign landing.

Why Facebook Campaign Landing Page?

Facebook campaign landing page is a critical component of social media marketing campaign and strategy.  This should be integrated in blogging, article marketing, and email marketing.  It’s a great way to showcase products and services.  You should create a different landing page for each of your campaign to fully address the value you are offering for each of your campaign.  For example, if you’re having a special offer you should have a landing page specifically for the offer with relevant information for the visitors of your landing page for higher traction and interaction.

You can drive traffic to your Facebook campaign landing page as a part of your social campaign.  To do this you should create your facebook campaign landing page then include a link to it in your emails, blogs, and social media share.  When visitor are directed to your page you can inform or sell them on your services with rich text, product images, and videos.  You can also use your FB landing page to sell your products if your page has an eCommerce feature.  For instance, if you sell toys you can collect payment for the toys on your Facebook landing page and then ship the product to your customers.

How to Create Facebook Campaign Landing Page

If you’re a web developer you can create a website with a Facebook campaign landing page for each of your campaign.  Creating such a page and adding eCommerce, social share, and other features can be a bit complicated for non technical folks however.  Also, if you would like to track visits and allow comments and interaction with your visitors this can become a bit expensive to do.

Reasons to use Facebook Campaign Landing Page

We recommend using Facebook campaign landing page for best ROI.  All you need to do is to create a fanpage on Facebook and then add your landing pages (custom tabs) to your fanpage.  You can easily add a different custom tab for each campaign with unique content and eCommerce without the need for programming.  Each tab has a unique URL that should be included in your online marketing.  There are several advantages to using Facebook for campaign landing page.  Here are some of the main ones.

1.       Social Media Interaction

Facebook already comes with social media interaction features like comments, social share, and status updates.  You can use the Timeline feature to communicate directly with visitors interested in your products or services.  You can post links, photos or other content for additional promotion of your brand.  If other members of your Facebook landing page like the page they can also share the page with their friends which create greater visibility of your page within their network.

2.       Build your Facebook Fanbase

You can use features like Fangages offered by ShortStack/Cool Mojito/Pagemodo/TabSite to build your fanbase.  This allows visitors interested in your products to ‘Like’ your fanpage.  Once they Like your page they have given you permission to present them with content and offers about your products that could add value to them.  Therefore posting information about future Facebook campaigns will automatically reach your Fans.   You should always add a link in your campaigns and posts to your Facebook landing page to capture leads or sales from your fans.

3.       Capture Leads

You can use your fanpage to capture leads.  You can have a contact form or sign up form on your fanpage that will allow you to capture user email, name, phone number and other information.  With this you will be able to follow up with your prospects to close the sale.

4.       eCommerce

You can sell your products directly on your Facebook campaign landing page.  All you will need to do is provide information about your product and include a payment button.  Online landing page builders include this feature to allow you to collect payments on your Fanpage with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or other payment options.

5.       Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests and Sweepstakes are great ways to fill your leads funnel.  You are able to offer a gift or reward for user participation in your contests or sweepstakes.  The visitor of your landing page will be able to provide the information that you have requested to qualify to win the prize.  This takes you one step closer in the sales process with these leads.

6.       Analytics

You can easily track your Facebook campaign landing page visits, see who visited, and she how many people are talking about your fanpage with Facebook Insights.  This tool is similar to Google Analytics but it’s built by Facebook specifically  to provide detailed information about your fanpage, landing pages, and Facebook campaigns.

There are several top quality online page building tools available to allow you to easily build dynamic Facebook campaign landing pages.  You are able to build pages with Fangates, contests, sweepstakes, eCommerce, leads capturing and other features.  It takes only a few minutes to build a dynamic landing page on Facebook with these online page building tools, templates and apps.  No programming is needed so anyone can easily execute social media campaigns by utilizing Facebook campaign landing pages.

For whom is Facebook advertising?
Facebook is more personal and thus is a better option to build brand and trust. Facebook offers advanced targeting filters to display advertisements.  Facebook ads are more productive for promotion of a brand within Facebook e.g a Facebook page or application. For external ads Facebook is not similarly productive because Facebook opens ad links in a new window resulting in reduced conversion ratio. However Facebook has all together a different utility that of becoming more of a personal touch product or brand.

What can be advertised on Facebook ?
Facebook allows advertisements for all legitimate products but in most cases disallows ads about Alcohol, Tobacco, Adult Products, Gambling, Pharmaceutical, Subscription Services etc. and ads are manually moderated before appearing on Facebook.



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